Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

We prepare students through education and research for global leadership in industrial, government, and academic careers.

Dr. Hua Zhao

Dr. Charles Hosten
Associate Chairperson

Dr. Raymond Butcher
Associate Chairperson

Main Office: 202-806-6900

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University Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The University continues to closely monitor the spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, as additional cases are confirmed in the United States and other countries. The University continues to formulate and adjust its plans as needed.

Welcome to the Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry at Howard University has programs leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Master of Science (M.S.), and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degrees.  We continue to maintain a strong drive to meet the ever-growing needs of the scientific community through our focus in traditional and interdisciplinary areas of chemistry.  Our award-winning faculty provide students with modern, unique educational curricula and are involved in cutting-edge research.  The synergy of our educational programs with world-renown research appeals to talented students and researchers across campus and around the globe. Our talent and location in Washington, D.C. allows us to collaborate with national and international laboratories.

Whether a prospective undergraduate, transfer student, or graduate student, we are excited that you are considering the chemistry program at Howard University!  To find out more about our programs, faculty, and students, please explore our website.  If you have questions after exploring our pages, please feel free to contact us. We are located in the Chemistry Building on Howard University's campus or send us an email. 


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The well-kept secret of the Chemistry department at Howard University is the tight knit community that exists between the students, faculty, and staff within the historic halls.  There is a call for excellence coupled with the enthusiasm and nurturing of knowledgeable professors noteworthy in their fields...Without reservation, this department ensures the success of its hardworking students."

                      - Miah Davis, B.S. 2015


Featured Article

Jaquesta Adams recieves a Goldwater Scholarship

Congratulations to Ms. Jaquesta Adams, a chemistry major, who received a Goldwater Scholarship. The Goldwater Scholarship Award is given each year to students who are pursuing careers in the fields of the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering. The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Foundation was established in 1986 by Congress and supports students in their second or third year and assists with covering the cost of academic study.  Ms. Read the Article