A deep historical commitment to the training of African Americans and other people of African descent

Mission Statement

The Howard University Department of Chemistry has a deep historical commitment to the training of African Americans and other people of African descent. However, we actively recruit and train talented students from all communities on both the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Through the American Chemical Society Certification Program, we are committed to training undergraduate students for chemistry-related careers and other professions. At the undergraduate and graduate levels, we seek out promising students for training in Chemistry, through participation in nationally competitive research projects that will prepare them for global leadership in industrial, government and academic careers.


Located in the heart of Washington DC, the Department of Chemistry continues to be a home for prominent chemists that make ground-breaking discoveries.  Our department has over 20 full-time faculty, over 100 undergraduates and approximately 30 students pursing graduate degrees. Our faculty includes internationally recognized researchers and educators who have received prestigious awards such as the White House Teaching/Mentoring Award, National Science Foundation Early Faculty CAREER awards, and Fulbright Fellowships. Faculty are engaged in all areas of chemical research including those that interface with biology, physics, pharmacy, and materials. 

Chemistry Building Spring

Research encompasses traditional areas such as analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry with emphasis on materials, pharmaceutical, and atmospheric chemistry. With research laboratories housed in the Chemistry Building and Interdisciplinary Research Building, our department is committed to conducting relevant scientific research to solve the world's most challenging problems and the development of novel technologies. We are affiliated with the NOAA Center for Atmospheric Sciences and actively collaborate on a national and international level.  The Department of Chemistry at Howard University continues to be one of the largest and research active chemistry departments in our Nation's Capital. 

Our talented students are the heartbeat of the department.  As a leading producer of African-American Chemists, we strive to continue our legacy and to encompass a diverse community of chemists from across the world.  Undergraduate and graduate students are advised with purpose to reach their highest potential.  Graduates from our department have gone on to assume positions in pharmaceutical companies, private industries, governmental laboratories, and leaders in the medical profession. Our success in attracting and matriculating top-tier talent at both the undergraduate and graduate levels can be measured by the successful careers and accolades bestowed to our alumni.  Many of our students have been recipients of distinguished awards including those sponsored by the American Chemical Society, The Barry Goldwater Foundation, and National Science Foundation.