Why Study Chemistry at Howard University?

Chemistry is often referred to as the central science since it touches every part of our daily lives.  It is important in various aspects of technological advances, the development of novel medicines, and understanding biological processes at the molecular level. While most people only think about chemist as scientist simply mixing chemicals in a laboratory, in reality chemists can be found in various fields such as material science, education, pharmacy, law, marketing, computer science, and even in the government.

The Department of Chemistry at Howard University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry.  Our programs have produced many successful researchers, business owners, and academic professionals.  The chemistry curriculum is designed to enhance the knowledge of students each year and results in students being well-prepared for any career avenue they desire.   The Bachelor of Science degree program at Howard University is currently accredited by the American Chemical Society. Our graduate program offers two degrees, a Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy. Though our programs are built on the foundation of coursework, we emphasize the importance of hand-on, interactive research with our faculty members throughout a student's academic career.  Our faculty are world-renown in all fields of chemistry as well as Interdisciplinary science such as material development, pharmaceutical science, and nanoscience. 

Howard University is located in the Washington, D.C., our Nation's capital. It has strong scientific and professional communities that allow for faculty, staff, and students to build a strong network that lasts for years after graduation. Our location, strong academic atmosphere, and sense of community is what we believe will make any student proud to be a part of our program.

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