Degree Program

The Department of Chemistry offers a rigorous program leading to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Our degree is certified by the American Chemical Society (ACS).  The Department's curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who may plan to begin a career in industry or extend their formal education.  The chemistry major also provides a path for those seeking a doctoral degree in pharmacy or degrees in medicine and dentistry.  The chemistry major requires a strong personal work ethic due to the demanding curriculum.

Along with core courses in Chemistry, students must take General Education Requirements as specified by the College of Arts and Sciences and obtain a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Additionally, we encourage all majors to participate in research throughout their academic career.  For more information, prospective and current students can view the course maps provided. However, we strongly encourage students to meet with an advisor in the Department of Chemistry to gain the most the out of their academic career at Howard University.

The department also offers a Minor in Chemistry.  The minor requires 19 credit hours of study in chemistry.  Students with majors such as Biology, Physics, Math, or Chemical Engineering may find the minor useful in their future studies or careers.

Course Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry - Chemistry Core

CHEM 003 - General Chemistry and Recitation (4 cr)  

CHEM 004 - General Chemistry and Recitation (4 cr) 

CHEM 005 - General Chemistry Laboratory (1 cr)  

CHEM 006 - General Chemistry Laboratory (1 cr) 

CHEM 122 - Analytical Chemistry Lecture (3 cr) 

CHEM 123 - Analytical Chemistry Laboratory (2 cr)

CHEM 126 - Instrumental Chemistry Lecture (3 cr)

CHEM 127 - Instrumental Analysis Laboratory (2 cr)

CHEM 141 - Organic Chemistry (3 cr)

CHEM 142 - Organic Chemistry (3 cr) 

CHEM 145 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory (3 cr)

CHEM 171 - Physical Chemistry I (3 cr)

CHEM 172 - Physical Chemistry II (3 cr)

CHEM 173 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory I (2 cr)

CHEM 174 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory II (2 cr)


Chemistry Electives

CHEM 101 - Inorganic Chemistry (3 cr.)

CHEM 132 - Introduction to Environmental Chemistry (3 cr.)

CHEM 144 - Physical Organic Chemistry (3 cr.)

CHEM 151 - Biochemistry I (3 cr.) 

CHEM 152 - Biochemistry II (3 cr.)

CHEM 184 - Computational Chemistry (3 cr.)

CHEM 195 - Introduction to Atmospheric Chemistry (3 cr.)

Minor in Chemistry

CHEM 003 - General Chemistry and Recitation (4)  

CHEM 004 - General Chemistry and Recitation (4) 

CHEM 005 - General Chemistry Laboratory (1)  

CHEM 006 - General Chemistry Laboratory (1) 

CHEM 145 - Organic Chemistry Lab (3)

CHEM 141 - Organic Chemistry (3)

CHEM 142 - Organic Chemistry (3) 

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