The Legacy of the Department of Chemistry

From chemistry courses taught by faculty in the medical school in the late 1800's to the over 25-member faculty and staff that exist today, chemistry has played a pivotal role in the history of Howard University. Currently, the department is housed in the Chemistry Building that was built in the 1930's. Since then, the department has continued to grow and flourish.

The Department of Chemistry has housed many accomplished scientific minds and has made a considerable impact at Howard University. The department was instrumental in the development of a graduate program at Howard University.

In 1923, we offered the Master of Science degree in Chemistry before the Graduate School was formed on campus. Following this achievement, the Department of Chemistry became the first department to award the Ph.D. degree at the University, in 1958.

Many prominent scholars have found a home in our department over the years. We encourage you to read below about our history and former prominent scientists.

For information about the role of the department in the development of graduate studies, please view the article written by Martin Feldman, Professor Emeritus and Paul Hudrlik, Professor.

Many of our undergraduate and graduate students have continued into successful careers in science, technology, and business.

Their successes can be traced to the esteemed faculty that have served Howard University through both education and research.

Prominent Alumni and Faculty Members

The Chemistry Department is pleased to have been home to many successful alumni and faculty members over the years. Former members in our department have become well-known chemists, scientists, doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs.  Our aim is to continue the tradition of producing influential people across the world for many years to come. Please read about our successful alumni and former faculty members below. To find out more about each individual, please click on their respective tiles.